2012-2013 Season

Our New Midtown Home - Going Bolder!

Capital Stage has moved to a new location in the heart of Midtown. Over the past six seasons, we've established ourselves as an arts leader in our community with bold, thought-provoking plays performed by the region’s top talent. With our new location, we want to show you more of what Cap Stage has to offer.

Our cost-conscious $300,000 fundraising to recycle (and re-purpose) our new home at 2215 J Street, is nearing completion with only $20,000 to be raised.  Will you consider joining our growing family of supporters in this exciting venture? Your tax-deductible gift will help ensure that bold live theatre has a home in our community for years to come!

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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Answers to Your Questions About Capital Stage’s Move to Midtown… 

Answers to Your Questions About Capital Stage’s Move to Midtown…

Q : When will performances begin at 2215 J Street?
A:. We will begin performances in the new space with Superior Donuts, our first production of 2011-12 Season in October.

Q:  Why did Capital Stage move off of the boat?
A:  While we had an extremely enjoyable and successful run on board the Delta King, the time has come for Capital Stage to have our own building in a location that puts us right in the heart of our great city. Our new location will give us great visibility and easy access for all of our current and new supporters.

Q:  We really liked the intimacy of the Delta King Theatre.  How will the new theatre be different? 

A:  Our tagline continues to be “bold, intimate, live!”  Our seating capacity has increased by about 15%, but our new theatre is still a very intimate space.  In fact, the back rows are actually closer to the stage than they were in our previous venue.

Additionally, with higher ceilings, you’ll notice more sophisticated lighting elements and greater variety and creativity in our set designs.  The stage is slightly bigger which will allow for more creativity in staging.  We have more backstage space so that we can accommodate more actors, opening up our options to some larger cast plays.  Nothing fancy, just a good solid home of our own that’s comfortable for our audiences and our artists!

Q:  What will parking be like at the new location?
A:  Just a few steps from the front door of the new theatre, directly across the street from the new theatre you’ll find an affordable street-level public parking lot.  Additionally, ample street parking exists all around 2215 J Street.  We think our patrons will find the access to our new theatre to be very convenient.

Q:  Will the types of shows that Capital Stage produces change?
A:  The types of shows will not change.  However, we will have greater options when selecting plays.  With larger backstage and dressing room areas, we can accommodate larger casts.  With our higher ceilings, our set and lighting design options will be enhanced.  And with a slightly bigger stage, we will be able to present even more creative stagings.  But the bold, thought-provoking, contemporary nature of our plays will remain our hallmark.

Q:  How much money does Capital Stage need to raise to complete the renovations on the J Street building?
A:  The cost of rehabbing the old gun shop on J Street into a bold, intimate, live theatre is approximately $300,000. Our supporters have been amazing in helping us raise approximately 94% of that goal in less than a year.  We are counting on the continued support of businesses and individuals in our community to help us raise the remaining funds.

Q:  How can I help Capital Stage succeed with the campaign?
A:  Thank you for asking!  You can help with a donation in any amount.  Just let us know that your donation is specifically intended for our “Major Gifts Campaign.” 
Another way you can support our new theatre and our ongoing artistic programming is with a $1000 tax-deductible donation to our “Take Your Seat!” campaign. An engraved plaque on the arm of our new theatre seats can name you and your family, honor the memory of a family member or friend, or identify your business as a partner in supporting the new theatre.

Or have your name on the “Wall of Fame” for a tax-deductible donation of $2500 or more. A permanent place of honor with your name in our new lobby – the hub of each performance – makes a statement and lets other patrons know that you played a part in enhancing the cultural landscape of our community.

Additionally, we’ll be looking for donations of particular items that will be needed in our new space. Make sure that you are on our email distribution list so that you can stay apprised of the status of our campaign and our wish list!

The future is bright for Capital Stage as we begin a new era in a home of our own!

Other questions?
Email us at capstageonjstreet@capstage.org.
Or call 916-476-3116